What is the Mind Muscle Connection and Why is it so Important?

All right part two of my video series on misconceptions in our fitness culture. Uh last time i talked about time under tension. Why people think it’s, a particular approach to exercise or way of doing exercise, and it’s? Not at all any of that sort of thing.

The video is up there if you want to check that out, but today we’re. Tackling this whole misconception of the mind, muscle connection, the mind, muscle connection is just observing the fundamental reason or purpose on how our muscles work in the first place and the big misconception out there is that your muscles work, because you have a weight in your hand And the weight is making your muscles turn on and work hard, but that’s.

Actually not what’s happening because there’s, no signal going from the weight to the muscle. Instead, what makes your muscles contract and the degree of that contraction, is your brain? Your mind creates a signal.

I call your neural code sends it through your nervous system, down your spinal cord through your peripheral nervous system engages in neurons and then the associated muscle, fibers or aka your motor units, and that’s.

What makes our muscles work hard – and this is super important to understand, because the development of that ability to deliver an electrical signal to your muscle via your nervous system is basically where most of your potential rests.

If you have a poor mind muscle connection, nothing you do in your workouts will ever work, but the cool thing is once you get that connection to be stronger. Everything works any exercise any tool. Any program will serve as a viable way to build the muscle to be bigger and stronger.

So naturally, the question is well great. How the hell do i do that there’s. The rub, because if you can’t feel it. You have trouble engaging it and it creates this cycle. I can’t feel it. Therefore, i’m, not really engaging it.

It’s like your brain is literally unaware. The muscle even exists, so it doesn’t know it’s, trying to turn on something bottom line. Is it essentially boils down to you just keep trying to engage the muscles, and i fully admit at first.

This is going to feel like it’s, doing nothing at all. It may feel like it’s, doing nothing off for days weeks, maybe even months on end like i’m, trying it and it’s. Not working, you have to keep going on it because your brain is creating a signal and it is going through your nervous system.

It’s, just kind of getting clogged and slowed down along the way, but every time you try it’s getting further and further and further along and stronger and stronger, and eventually it will reach that muscle.

My favorite method for doing this, of course, is overcoming isometrics, because the more complicated the exercise is the more your brain’s got to figure out what it’s, trying to do in the exercise that’s.

Why a lot of times people will have an easier time establishing a neural connection with a muscle through isolated kind of exercises. You know things that are very, very simple single joint stuff, but even movement creates more of a neural load on the system that the brain ‘

S got to figure out, so isometrics is by far the easiest exercise form for the brain to comprehend. So when we practice it, the only thing that we need to really work on is how well and how hard can i contract my muscles when that’s, the only thing to work on it’s, the only thing that you can Stand to improve so as always, if you want to learn more about that, of course, i ‘

Ve got my whole isometrics playlist up there. I got videos here my book, overcoming isometrics, which you can find down below in the description lots of resources to help with this sort of thing, but the bottom line i want to leave you with is this – is by far and away the most impactful thing that You can potentially do to improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of your training, so any amount of effort you’re putting into it will pay many more dividends for years to come.

Thanks much for watching questions down below be fit, live free,

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